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Guidelines for Master’s Degree Students' Thesis Oral Examination

Aletheia University Department of Business Administration

Guidelines for Master’s Degree Students' Thesis Oral Examination

For continuing students:

1.    Thesis oral examination application form for continuing students (1 copy)

2.    Master’s Degree thesis title application form (2 copies)

3.    Master’s Degree thesis examination application form (2 copies)

4.    Thesis Abstract in English (1 copy)

5.    Thesis oral examination schedule application form (1 copy)

A.    Items 1-5 above must be accomplished and submitted to the department within the first three (3) weeks from the start of the semester.

B.   Regarding the schedule, kindly request your thesis adviser to personally coordinate with two (2) panel members who are available to participate. Please provide three possible oral examination schedules (date and time) in the table found in the form.

6.    Students must prepare a total of three (3) copies of the thesis for oral examination (full text).

A.   MBA students are requested to bind their draft of the thesis with a pink-colored cover while EMBA students must use light blue.

B.   The first draft must be personally handed or mailed to the panel members two weeks before the scheduled oral examination. 

7.    Thesis oral examination requirements (to be prepared by the Department):

A.   Master’s Degree Thesis Panel Member Evaluation Form (3 copies)

B.   Master’s Degree Thesis Examination Score Card (1 copy)

C.   Master’s Degree Thesis Panel Members Signature Form (1 copy)

D.   Oral Examination Fee and Transportation Fee Receipts (3 copies)

E.   On the day of examination, make sure to personally collect the above items and return forms A-C to the Department afterwards.

F.    On the day of examination, please use a digital camera to provide a total of six (6) pictures to record the oral defense.

Should you have any further questions, please contact Mr. Wang at 02-2621-2121 ext. 6201.          

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